Disability prevention, early detection, interventionstimulation, health promotion and medical care in Posyandu (Integrated Health Post)

Disability prevention, early detection, intervention, stimulation, health promotion and medical care services have being done at Posyandu (Integrated Health Post) in village level. Posyandu is government program in the village which is concerned about promoting the health for children under five years old. One village has 3 until 10 Posyandu, depends on the population of village, which is managed by 5 cadres in each Posyandu. Posyandu cadres are trained community volunteers. The Posyandu activities are immunization service, distributing supplementary nutrition, baby weighing and child care consultation, health promotion and primary medical care for children under five. All of those activities are carried out once a month. Up to now the Posyandu has been a place for parents to check up on the development and growth of their children. Community Health Center (Puskesmas) at sub-district level provides technical and professional support regularly to Posyandu, due to the part of Puskesmas programs are implemented in Posyandu. CBR program encourages disability inclusive in Posyandu activities, so that Posyandu includes some activities related to children with disabilities.  Posyandu cadres have got sufficient training on disability prevention, early detection, intervention and stimulation. In Posyandu, detection of childhood disability can be done at 3 levels. First, parents/mothers used poster of “Childhood Development Stages” and “Signs of Disability” is the basic level called screening for disability. The next level is called simple assessment, it happened when a child is looked at more closely by Posyandu cadres. The Cadres have learned specific simple task, the test in “Early Detection” and “Special Activities” manuals, to check to see whether the parents’ suspicions are correct. If the simple assessment suggested there is a problem than the child goes to the third level of detection that is evaluation by a professional usually done by therapists or doctors in Community Health Center (Puskesmas) or clinic in sub-district level and then to hospital in district level.