The YPAC National established Disability Information, Training, Research and Development Center as a part of The CBR-DTC that has particular role to provide selected data and necessary information related to disability issues including CBR and to conduct training, research and development on disability issues including CBR and  rehabilitation for YPAC throughout Indonesia and others. To do its role the center has 3 sections, namely:
  1. Management of data and information section
  2. Library, publication and documentary section
  3.  Training, research and development section 
Management of data and information
This section has role to manage selected data and information such as: searching, collecting, analysing relevant data and information related to disability issues, rehabilitation including CBR, inclusive development, etc. and to provide selected and acurate data and information for YPAC and to share for public. This section has closely collaboration with other agencies that has semilar mission. Data and information provided has to be up-dated regularly.
Library, publication and documentary
This section emphasis on its role to provide selected data and information through media. Developing web-site, article, bulletin, etc. Helping YPAC and disability organizations to obtain relevant data and information that they needed, particularly data and information about disability, CBR, services, rehabilitation, etc. This section also has role to develop library and documentation. 
Training, research and development
This section has job to organize training, workshop, seminar at local, national and regional (Asia Pacific) level related to disability issues. Develop training manual. This section also conduct some researches for organizational development and disability issues.