National Training

Primary Rehabilitation Therapy Training

for Parents and Community Volunteer


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Cooperation between Save the Children IKEA Project Bandung and CBR Development and Training Center Solo

 It is important to note that Primary Rehabilitation Therapy is basic therapy that can be done by volunteers:  by families or parents and community volunteer or Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Cadres. In implementing primary rehabilitation therapy services, family and community volunteer must be supported and facilitated by professionals (doctors, physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists). Transfer of basic knowledge and skills from professionals to families and community volunteer how to handle children with disabilities at daily basis is very important in doing home and/or community based therapy services. For that reason, training primary rehabilitation therapy for families or parents and community volunteer is very essential.

CBR facilitates home and/or community-based therapy services and provide assistance to children with disabilities (CwD) with a wide range of impairments, enabling them to maintain and maximize their function within their home and community. Activities of primary rehabilitation therapy include training basic therapy for families and CBR Cadres and provision of assisstive devices. The community and families would be encouraged to use maximally the assisstive devices and wherever possible to make more assisstive devices by using local resources.

The goal of the training was “to increase participants’ knowledge and skills and to give experience that will enable and inspire them to develop primary rehabilitation therapy services for children with disabilities (CwD) in their own project areas.” This included the following objectives: 1) to raise and develop potential resources of families of CwD and community to become valuable resources which can be utilized effectively for basic therapy services for CwD;  2) to increase the involvement and participation of families of CwD and community volunteer or CBR Cadres  on the development of CWD and the importance of the continuum stimulation and basic therapy;  3) to develop close cooperation, communication and coordination among families of CwD, CBR Cadres, social workers and all CBR stakeholders particularly in term of development of referral system.

A total of 59 participants attended the training, representing 4 districts and 2 cities of West Jawa Save the Children IKEA project areas. To get more effective result, the training was conducted into 3 levels, which each level consisted of 6 days effective training, so that total took 18 days effective training.  It contained 20 % theory and 80 % practice, more exercises and practices in the fields. By problem solving and discussion, the trainers helped participants to overcome their problems. In the same process, participants had to accomplish training until level 3.

In addition, the training had also equipped participants with a set of module and video tutorial to enrich participants with knowledge and skills. Moreover mentoring in the field of West Jawa project areas had been done by trainers for selected participants to teach, coach and advise participants in certain areas of difficulties.