Primary rehabilitation therapy


In CBR program, available rehabilitation service in village grass root level is primary rehabilitation therapy. It is important to note that primary rehabilitation therapy is basic therapy that can be done by volunteers:  by families or parents and community volunteer or CBR Cadres. In implementing primary rehabilitation therapy services, family and CBR Cadres or community volunteer must be supported and facilitated by professionals (doctors, physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists). Transfer of basic knowledge and skills from professionals to families and CBR Cadres or community volunteer how to handle people with disabilities at daily basis is very important in doing home and/or community based therapy services. CBR facilitates home and/or community-based therapy services and provide assistance to people with disabilitieswith a wide range of impairments, enabling them to maintain and maximize their function within their home and community. Where primary rehabilitation therapy services are established in the family and community through CBR, close link to the medical referral system must be done that offer specialized rehabilitation services at sub-district and district level. The mechanism is as follows: if family or CBR cadres cannot handle people with disabilities who need of special treatment, they refer to Community Health Center (Puskesmas) or clinic at sub-district level. If Puskesmas cannot handle because of paramedics and equipment limited, they refer to hospital at district level.